Public Relations and Communication Directorate

Name : Gashaw Gebrie Woreta
position:- head of public relations and communication directorate
phone :-0938852957

The Amhara Leadership Academy Public Relations and Communication Directorate Main functions.

Public relations is a strategically approach towards the creation of goodwill and brand image through developing a cordial relationship between the organization and its target audience.

Its main functions are Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, supervises, oversees, secures, conducts environmental surveys, organizes press conferences, press releases, press briefings, events, consultative forums, conducts interviews, and provides media coverage.

Detailed functions;

  • Plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the work of the Directorate;
  • Agree with the media on the possibility of broadcasting a regular media program; record and broadcast messages and programs on various topics;
  • Forms and broadcasts messages and programs on media topics;
  • Carries out the work of the spokesperson, directs the public relations activities in a planned manner;
  • It will serve as a source of information for the academy to develop the good image of the academy in order to achieve the vision and mission of the academy and to develop good relations between the community and the institution.
  • Produces information in a variety of ways /publications, electronic media, websites,
  • He shall act as a spokesperson for the government and the society to provide up-to-date information on the current affairs of the academy by providing a series of press releases and issues related to emergencies.
  • Organizes and facilitates consultative and discussion forums to create transparency, facilitates, community members, journalists, institutional development projects, sectors, events, activities .
  • Ensures that the Advertising Services of the Academy follow the rules and regulations to ensure that they are up-to-date and have a clear message to the public.
  • Evaluate the current activities of the public relations of the Academy and formulate directions for its improvement.
  • Provides adequate information to customers and stakeholders regarding annual activities, services, brochures, newsletters, posters and cards, regarding the activities and services provided by the Academy.
  • Provides photography, audio and video recording and printing services to clients and stakeholders to understand the various activities of the institute through print, photography and film.
  • By organizing and coordinating various exhibitions and participating in the exhibitions, it will enable stakeholders and the community to get information about the various activities of the academy in one place.
  • Provide appropriate services to the media in response to their requests orally, in writing or by telephone.
  • Coordinates the preparation and presentation of a documentary film showing the activities of the Academy.
  • Coordinates seminars and meetings organized by the academy, disseminates the purpose of meetings and seminars through the media as necessary, and regularly reports on the performance of the work.
  • Monitors the implementation of civil service ¬†reforms by the Directorate;
  • It shall also perform the functions assigned to it by the president of the academy.